Xsan 2 Setup Guide - Step 4:  Set Up the Standby Metadata Controller

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Set Up the Standby Metadata Controller

Now set up the standby metadata controller. This computer must have Mac OS X Server
installed but not yet set up.

To set up the standby controller:


Turn on the computer you’re using as the standby metadata controller.


Follow the Mac OS X Server setup assistant’s onscreen instructions to configure the

computer, paying special attention to the settings in the following panes:
Time Zone: To ensure consistent time metadata across all computers in the SAN,
choose the same network time server you chose for your client computers.
Administrator Account: Enter the same account name and password that you used on
your client computers.
Xsan: Select “Configure as Xsan Metadata Controller.”
Xsan Controller Type: Select “Configure as Standby Xsan Metadata Controller.”
Network: Enable only the public Ethernet port (Ethernet 1 at the top of the list).
Choose a configuration method from the pop-up menu and enter the appropriate
settings for the computer. You can choose:


Manually, and enter the static public IP address, subnet mask, router address,
and DNS server address for the computer

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Setting Up a SAN



Using DHCP with manual address, and enter the computer’s IP address if your DHCP
server provides other TCP/IP connection settings

Network Names: Verify the network name provided by your DNS service and, if you
want, enter a computer name for use with Bonjour naming on your local network.
Install Xsan: Insert the Xsan Install Disc, select “Install Xsan now,” and then click

The standby metadata controller can now join the SAN and is detected by the primary
metadata controller during SAN setup.

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