Xsan 2 Setup Guide - Step 5:  Set Up the RAID Systems

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Set Up the RAID Systems

Now configure your RAID systems. Xsan sees the RAID arrays provided by the RAID
systems as Fibre Channel logical unit numbers (LUNs) that can be combined to create
SAN volumes.

To set up the RAID systems:


Follow the instructions that come with your RAID systems to turn them on and

configure their network, management, and security settings.


If your RAID systems come with RAID sets already configured, they’re detected

during SAN setup, and you can skip to “Step 6: Create a Metadata Array” on page 16;
otherwise, use the management software that comes with the RAID system to create
arrays that are the same size, leaving three drives on one system unassigned so you can
create a small, separate metadata LUN as described in the next step.
Setup scripts for Promise RAID systems are available at www.apple.com/support/.

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Setting Up a SAN


Step 6: